Serious business learning, strategy and tactics for serious business leaders. 

The Business Leadership Peer Council is designed to do one thing: help you and your company achieve more success. As a Roundtable Peer Council Member, you will receive:

  • Monthly Peer Council Group Meetings: Learn virtually from leaders, group members, and leverage the combined group experience to help you process ideas and issues.

  • Quarterly One-On-One Coaching: Meet virtually with the Roundtable leader of your choice for and receive coaching on your unique business challenges and ideas.

  • Customized Learning: Monthly book picked specifically for your unique business needs.

  • Authority Guests: Periodic monthly meeting visits with industry and topic authorities, based on the Council's unique business issues.

  • Virtual Company Keynote: Choose a Roundtable Leader to deliver a virtual keynote to your entire company plus discounts on additional virtual keynotes from Roundtable Leaders and other industry authorities ($15,000+ value).

  • Intel Engine of Your Choice: Receive full access to the Sales Intel Engine edition of your choice and save a tremendous amount of time finding the information you need to grow your business (view the Sales Intel Engine Catalog and watch and overview video of the Premium Edition).

  • One-On-One Intel Engine Training: Discover how to use the powerful Intel Engine to find your unique sales opportunities, research competitors, get industry information, and more.

  • Weekly Business Success Video Emails: Start your week out with some motivation, a new idea. and/or a renewed focus to help you achieve your goals.​

$10,000 Annual Membership

Designed for CEOs, Business Owners, C-Level Executives, and Key Level Executives

Your Roundtable leaders have more than 100 years of experience leading, coaching, and working with teams and organizations of all sizes and type.  From multi-national corporations to small start-up seeking their next round of funding, Dr. Mary Kelly, Sam Richter, Meridith Elliott Powell and Mark Hunter have done it.


The Roundtable Peer Council is not a series of conversations about business theory. Rather, you'll engage in knee-deep discussions about real-world situations and proven solutions. You'll work on your business planning and strategies and you'll gain ideas, connections, and resources to help you implement what you discover.


Through confidential and candid conversation, you will engage with your leaders and the group to work on your specific issues, ultimately leading towards your business success. You'll also have the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with other Peer Council members, helping them achieve their goals. Everyone will hold each other accountable to ensure what is discussed and decided upon is implemented.

The Roundtable Peer Council is only available via personal invitation.  If you feel that Peer Council Membership will benefit you, please contact us for more information, or apply today.

The Vault - Hundreds of Business Success Learning Resources and Tools

Your Mastermind Membership gives you unlimited access to the Know More University Business Leadership Vault featuring the award-winning online learning programs, business and sales success videos, eBooks, Guidebooks, Workbooks, and online resources from your Roundtable Leaders Meridith Elliott Powell, Mark Hunter, Dr. Mary Kelly, and Sam Richter. 

Not only can you find the concept, strategy, proven tactic and/or resource to help you with a business challenge, you can also share the information with your team. That's right ... you can download content from the Know More University Business Leadership Vault and use it immediately in your business.

$10,000 Annual Membership